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How do you host a block party? Where do you start? What will you need?

Cristina Burwell and her neighbors have been hosting block parties in their neighborhood twice a year for years. Cristina has created 5 wonderful checklists with everything you need to host a block party.

BLOCK PARTY CHECKLIST #1: * Checklist 1: Getting Started



Midwinter is a perfect timeframe for choosing a date before summer vacation schedules take over. Most other planning decisions do not need to be made more than a month in advance of the actual block party.

You can organize with less lead time. Just be prepared for the fact that you will not find a date where everyone will be there.

  • Form a PLANNING COMMITTEE - e.g., 2 or 3 interested families
  • Identify a date to get the planning committee together to choose a block party date and place
  • When the Committee meets, choose when the block party will happen
  • Best DAY & DATE
  • Raindate
  • Start (and end?) time
  • Identify a LOCATION for the block party with these considerations:
    • Where is there space to gather?
    • Is there a safe place for kids to play?
    • Will you be having tables and chairs?
    • Will you be having grills?
    • Is it necessary to have the space be wheelchair accessible?
    • Toilet available?
    • Will car traffic be a problem?
    • Is there rain protection?
  • What type of FOOD will you be having? What will people need to bring?
    • Super-Easy - e.g., order pizzas
    • Simple - e.g., everyone bring their own meal
    • Plan-ahead - e.g., potluck and/or grilling
  • Who is the main CONTACT for the informational flier?
    • Can their phone number or email be listed?
    • How will people know about rain decisions?
  • Check the dates you have chosen with any key people who would need to attend.

Other: __________________________________________________________


Download the rest of the checklists here:

© Cristina Burwell, 2014