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Here is a selection of local Weather information sources, put together by JJ Krawczyk and kindly shared with us. In JJ's words:

If you like viewing an actual VIDEO forecast, I like Mark Rosenthal's Weatherblast. He speaks so that anyone can understand, but the maps he uses also show more DETAIL than you'd normally get on a TV forecast.

For BASIC forecasts I go to Weather Underground:

If you pay $5/year you don't get ads. I find it well worth it. I also have alerts set up to email me for specific watches and warnings.

You can get a lot of the same information directly from the National Weather Service:

When there is a storm in the forecast, I like to periodically check in on the "Forecast Discussion" link down the page.

I often check in on channels 4 and 7 for their take and amount predictions:

The blog is usually more informative than the basic info:

Same deal for channel 7: * Weather Channel 7

For TRIP PLANNING Use this National Weather Service Map make sure to click on the yellow road icon in the top right. You can then enter your start & end points and travel dates to see any weather advisories and weather conditions along the road. (These are in the pull-down menu. You need to check each one by one). Very cool tool, though!