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Sometimes, an experienced user's advice helps us save a lot of time and money.

This page is a collection of resources that we use rarely enough we're likely to forget about them or not know about them. Comments have been culled from various neighborhood lists.

Where to refill a propane tank?

"I get the propane tanks refilled at BJ's in Stoneham, MA. (...) I use them because propane is a LOT cheaper there to begin with, but a second reason is that they only charge you for the propane it takes to top off the tank. Most other places just charge a flat rate for a refill even if your tank is still half full.

Even if you are not a BJ's member, it still pays to have your tanks refilled there because they won't charge you for gas they didn't have to put in the tank."

-- Thanks, HM, for that precious advice!

Where to get furniture upholstered?

Pamela & Kevin Upholstery on Broadway 205 A Broadway Arlington, MA 02474 781-646-6708

"Arlington is very lucky to have a wonderful upholstery shop on Broadway. They reupholstered two occasional chairs for me and did a beautiful job for very little money." [LG]

A second thumbs-up for Upholstery on Broadway. They did an amazing job on 2 chairs we have that dated from the late 1800s. - [DH]

Pamela and Kevin have a great shop and did a beautiful job on a very large window seat for me. Each time I was in the shop it was bustling with many eager learners trying their hand at do it yourself upholstery projects in a learn how class! Yet another option for you crafty people out there! [M]

Pam and Kevin reupholstered two chairs and ottoman and a sleeper couch for a very reasonable amount of money. AND they did it quickly (in stages) so I was not without furniture for more than a week.[KF]

Zipper repair - luggage & clothes

Richman's Zipper Hospital 318 Harvard St Brookline, MA (617) 277-0039

"My goto place for zipper repair has always been Richman's Zipper Hospital in Brookine -- it's in the Arcade building at 318 Harvard St,between Commonwealth and Beacon St. They've always been terriffic, and very pleasant as well. [JS]

I second this recommendation. They did a good job for us repairing a coat zipper, and since zippers is almost all they do they are very experienced with them! [TL]