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You might think you just do a yard sales whenever it pelases you, set up a few signs on the street, take the stuff out, and you're done.

But in fact, a successful yard sale takes some planning.

People need to know it's happening so they show up. Marketing your yard sale in advance is huge.

Some towns might require a permit. Check with your town offices.

This is the link to the Lexington, MA policy

And this is the online form for Lexington, MA

The biggest question most people have is pricing. You might also want to discount things that have not sold at the end of the day. some people find it convenient to put colored stickers on objects for sale. This way, they create one pricing board, with 3-4 price ranges, and a different color applies to each range. When you discount prices, you can create one new board that shows each new price range, without having to discount everything the same amount.

To ge rid of stuff that did not sell, check our "Disposing of Stuff' page