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February and March is skunk mating season. This is when skunks are most aggressive, territorial and likely to spray.

What to do if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk?

Here is a solution from Sandy P., in Lexington, MA:

My dogs got skunked a couple of weekends ago. If it happens to you or your dogs this home remedy worked:

Mix together: 1 quart hydrogen peroxide 1/4 c baking soda 1 tsp liquid laundry soap or dish washing detergent

The first two ingredients from an alkaline peroxide that chemically changes the skunk essence into an odorless chemical. The soap breaks down the oily skunk essence an makes it more susceptible to the other chemicals. Chemicals in this formula are harmless and can be used on people, clothing and pets. Use immediately after mixing; do not store (it will expand and can burst a closed container.)

I put my dogs in the bath and rubbed this solution on them (avoid the eyes) and it worked. Hope no one needs to use this. Good luck.


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