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We'll add resources here as they are suggested to us. Please reach out to founder[at] with suggestions on new items to add.

  • Citizens for Lexington Conservation has developed a Plant Materials guide listing local invasive species, native secies and good sources for native plants. Download

  • MIPAG, MA Invasive Plants Advisory Group is a "voluntary collaborative" that maintains a list of plants deemed invasive in MA.
    They categorize the plants as Invasive/ Likely invasive / Potentially invasive / Not currently meeting invasive criteria. MIPAG combines research institutions, non-profit organizations, the green industry, and state and federal agencies

  • The MA introduced Pests Outreach site maintains fact sheets for introduced pests, diseases and invasives. Fact Sheets

  • Find your local Garden Club through the Garden Club Federation of MA website

  • The MA Wildflower Society is now the Native Plant Trust

  • Also see our Pinterest board with some weed pictures to help you identify them