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Retirement Planning (non-financial)

Retirement Planning (non-financial)

Workshops & Private Coaching Services Offered.  
Retiring in the 21st Century is now giving us longevity of about 25 years in our transition to our third stage of life. Retirement is no longer just a destination. It requires a comprehensive life plan, not just a financial plan. With sufficient planning and practice, we can achieve a healthier, happier and a more purposeful life.  
What planning resources have you done for your retirement thus far?  
What friends/relationships will you have when you step out of your job?  
How will you see your identity when you no longer have a business card?  
What purpose will enthuse you to get out of bed every morning?  
Growing to understand what your purpose is in this life, requires you to understand what your passions, strengths and values are. Self-growth, recognizing your deeper self, will help grow your Spiritual, Mental/Emotional and Social wellbeing. Maintaining a positive mindset will help you unburden and manage your fears and obstacles that life throws at you.  

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