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Why Advertise on HelpAroundTown?


If they find the right person there, they contact them & often don't post a job. If they don't find the right person there, they post a job on the job board.

So, if you are offering services and would like to promote your services, you should advertise on the Bulletin board. Chances are, buyers will check there, first.

For buyers, we still recommend posting the job, even if you find the right person on the Bulletin Board. Make sure the person you want to hire applies to the job you posted. This is better for both of you.
1. Both parties are better off if a job is clearly posted, with expectations, dates, compensation, etc. spelled out.
2. As long as you communicate through the website, you create a record of what you agreed upon. Both parties can see all the messages exchanged between them at any time. You must log in and answer messages through our website, though.
3. Posting a job and applying for a job enables both parties to rate & recommend each other after a job is done. This is a good incentive for everyone to be on their best behavior.
4. The recommendations and ratings show on users' profiles, helping those launching (or re-launching) their career to establish their reliability and reputation.

We encourage you to use the Bulletin Board to promote your business and use the Job Board & ratings to establish your professional reputation. They were built to help you promote your business and your skills.

How to create an ad on HelpAroundTown?

Register & confirm your email, or sign in. Then, go to the Bulletin Board

Click on POST A NEW AD, the blue button, top left

Create your ad. This includes:

  • Title – choose a catchy title

  • Graphic - upload a good graphic (.jpeg, .png, or .gif format)

  • Text (copy & paste existing text or create new. Add links.)

Do you want to link the ad to your HelpAroundTown profile? It's particularly valuable if you have good ratings & recommendations to show off, or just to show additional info on your profile.

  • Categories: check off relevant categories only. e.g. Snow Removal and Garden/Plants/Yardwork

  • Save - This will take you to the payment page.

  • Pay - Pay with Paypal, using any credit card or a Paypal account.

That’s it!

Manage your ad from 'my ads' when logged in. Extend the ad, edit it, experiment with different graphics, text, special offers.

  • Consider offering a HelpAroundTown special. People have to mention HelpAroundTown to get it. You get to track how many customers we're sending you.

  • Your HelpAroundTown ad is editable 24/7. Great for schedule changes, frequently changing offerings, experimenting with wording & graphics.

  • Make sure you ad includes the key words relevant to your business + contact info + relevant links.

How to edit an ad on HelpAroundTown?

There are two ways to edit your ad on HelpAroundTown: Log in to in both cases.

  1. If the ad's up and running, when you roll the mouse over it, you’ll see “edit my ad”. Click on that and you can edit everything about the ad. SAVE.

  2. Or, go to 'my ads' in the upper right hand corner. This is good when you have posted lots of ads. Click on the pencil to edit. Update the info you want. SAVE. Note: 'Pay to repost' will still give you the free for non-profits option.

Why edit your ads? Your old ads are great templates for recurring events!

Say you create an ad for an annual event, one for monthly events, one for weekly events. Instead of recreating your ad from scratch every time, just log in and edit that ad to repost it. SO you can keep using the same template, and just update the info.