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only jobs that offer community service hours
on April 21, 2024
Tamara H. - Lexington, MA (within 10 miles) 6 applicants
We need some weeding and mulching in several flower beds. We would appreciate having high school age students (16-18 yrs old)with some gardening experience if possible. $ 15.00 per hour.
I’m looking for someone to sell items for me on Facebook Marketplace and I will give you a percentage of each sale. You would enter all the info; send me telephone numbers to arrange for people to see items; and I will sell. Need to get rid of a bunch of stuff; large and small. please provide a telephone # I can CALL you at and best times to call. Thanks $ 13.00 per hour.
on February 15, 2024
Denise . - Lexington, MA (within 10 miles) No applicants.
I need someone to upload room plans & furn into a program called so I can see what a room will look like if I try the furniture out in different places. And then over the phone teach me the basics of the program. I've never used the program, & I don't have time to learn it or enter furn right now. provide tel # & best times to CALL thanks! Between $ 30.00 and 45.00 per hour. Compensation for this job depends on experience.
on February 15, 2024
Tom F. - Woburn, MA (within 10 miles) 1 applicant
I'd like to hire someone to hand my 55" tv up on the living room wall. I can get a set from Best Buy or somewhere else. How much to hang my tv??? Between $ 30.00 and 50.00 per hour. Compensation for this job depends on experience.
on February 11, 2024
Nick T. - Lexington, MA (over 10 miles away) 3 applicants
I need someone to shovel and do landscaping in the spring - summer up until December Between $ 20.00 and 25.00 per hour. Compensation for this job depends on experience.
on February 11, 2024
Rosemary C. - Medford, MA (within 5 miles) 2 applicants
Looking for a trustworthy, reliable, responsible person who can walk my friendly chihuahua. This would be in the afternoons around 2 pm if the weather is not snowing or raining. Please have two references. $ 20.00 per hour.
on February 02, 2024
Vaishali K. - Lexington, MA (within 10 miles) 1 applicant
We are a Woburn, MA based food service company named Bombay Brunch. We are looking for a Farmers Market Booth operator, for at least 2 days a week and possibly for all 7 days, who can take our products to various Farmers Markets, setup our the booth and sell our products. We will provide formal training. Employee needs to have their own car. $ 15.00 per hour.
on January 22, 2024
Minuteman S. - Burlington, MA (within 10 miles) 1 applicant
Deliver meals Monday - Friday to home-bound seniors. Visit our website to learn more about our aging services access point and apply. Must have a working car. Meals are picked up at the Senior Citizens Friendship Center, 61 Center St. $ 15.25 per hour.
on January 22, 2024
Nancy L. - Waltham, MA (within 10 miles) 3 applicants
Need to create a Shopify account and website for a small on-line shoe seller. We are currently on Etsy and hope to someday wean off of Etsy and be only on Shopify. Between $ 15.00 and 20.00 per hour. Compensation for this job depends on experience.
on January 20, 2024
Marcia S. - Watertown, MA (within 5 miles) 2 applicants
Are you interested in making extra money and helping somebody who's in need at the same time? Job description: · Pay: $19 - 19.50 per hr. Paid by check, not cash (not under the table). · Due to my mild physical disability, I need help with every-day household tasks, e.g., washing dishes and sweeping. · Other duties include light cleaning, doing laundry on the premises, mopping, unpacking, and possibly grocery shopping and organizing. · I’m not in a wheelchair but have a lot... Between $ 19.00 and 19.50 per hour. Compensation for this job depends on experience.