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Do You Or Someone You Know Experience Binge Eating?

Posted on July 20, 2023


Researchers at McLean Hospital are interested in how the brain functions during decision making in young women who experience binge eating. Earn up to $425 participating in a research study. The study involves up to 2 visits, which include MRI scans of your brain while you make everyday decisions. You may be eligible if you: • Are 18-40 years old and identify as female • Frequently experience binge eating • Do not have diabetes or severe medical disease Study Location: Principal Investigator: McLean Hospital Kristin Javaras, DPhil, PhD Belmont, MA (617-855-4080; Find out more at



Starting July 20, 2023 (no end date)


  • $ 425.00 per job.


Located in   Belmont MA
  • This job is with a non-profit organization.


You must be 18 to do this job.