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Private Tutor For Art Students Preparing College Portfolios Nairi Art Studios


Are you looking for art lessons? Are you a high school student looking for curriculum guidance? Or an adult seeking to refine your art skills? Nairi Art Studios provides focused drawing lessons to motivated students preparing college portfolios. Classes and portfolio advice are available online. Normally, life drawing classes include lessons in capturing light and negative space by preparing still life's, working outdoors on landscape study and using photos to help eye and hand coordination. Curriculum is now adapted to distance learning. We can do assignments via emails and research topics to prepare for sessions online. We can offer remote outdoor sketching, landscape drawing, watercolor, and sketching still life. If in person, instructor will remain 10 feet away. Lessons can run up to one hour and are broken down into 15 minute drawing segments. Nairi is a graduate of Boston University College of Fine Arts, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, architectural design, BAC graduate classes in design. For over 20 years, Nairi Art Studio has been providing professional drawings for clients, drawing exterior views of their property from architectural plans, photographs or on site. Clients include: Residential, Commercial, Land developer, private home owner, industry related marketing team, subdivision and permitting presentation images. Services include: - Rendering buildings and landscapes for architects, developers, landscape architects, garden designers, and homeowners. Our architectural drawings support the end goal of the person who is marketing the building or home. - Designing plant layouts for seasonal containers For more information visit


Lexington, MA


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