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Painting A Front Door

Posted on September 27, 2018
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Need person to properly prepare & stain wooden (mahogany) front door. Have all products needed both for prep and staining of the door. The door is about 8' x 42" and 1.5" thick, so it's heavy. It will have to be removed for the staining, and a sheet of plywood will need to be installed covering the door opening, both for safety and to prevent bugs and animals from coming into the house. I'd like this to be done before it gets cold. An experienced painter/handyman preferred. References required.

Job Type


from September 27, 2018 until October 27, 2018

Removing the door and securing the opening will take about 2-3 hours and will likely need two people, so have an assistant available for the beginning and end of the job. Because of the wait time between applications of layers of stain and finish, this will take a couple of hours each of three consecutive days.


  • Between $ 200.00 and 350.00 per job.
  • Compensation for this job depends on experience.


Olga G.
Located in   Lexington MA


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