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Posted on July 16, 2018
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Hi! I am a rising Junior at LHS and am available to tutor students of many levels in a variety of subjects. I am available to tutor elementary schoolers in english and math, middle schoolers in english, math and science, and can tutor high schoolers in freshman and sophomore english, biology and earth science. I have excelled in these subjects throughout my academic carrier, doing well on the AP Biology exam and an 800 on the Biology SAT. I have past experience working will children of all ages, and since I have been through the Lexington curriculum personally, I can offer a variety of resources that I have collected throughout my years to students in these classes. I currently charge $12-$20 an hour depending on the subject an grade level, but I am willing to negotiate!

Job Type

  • Education
  • Part Time Jobs
  • Care


from July 16, 2018 until August 16, 2018


  • $ 20.00 per hour.


A R.
Located in   Lexington MA


You can be of any age to do this job.