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Seeking Person Familiar With Adobe, And Perhaps Shopify

Posted on April 06, 2015
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Would like to hire someone familiar with either Shopify or some other site geared towards starting a small business. I have finished designing a line of greeting cards and need to hire someone who knows Adobe or some other application to put my cards online and for sale. I live about two miles from Lexington center and hope to find someone local who isn't already overloaded with work. This is a startup, with proven potential to become a full-time business and, if it succeeds, would certainly be a profitable line of work. I'm happy to show the line, explain my plan to a competent person who will work in this area. Tom

Job Type

  • Tech Help


from January 05, 2015 until August 01, 2015

Since this is a startup, I do not have any firm, fixed notions and will discuss and arrange these with the person working with me. I have already proven my product is very marketable. Merely seeking someone who can do the layout on either Adobe Photoshop or some similar program.


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Tom F.
Located in   Woburn MA
  • This job was posted by Tom Flanagan for another individual.


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