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Office Intern (Non Profit Working With Youth Impacted By Homelessness)

Posted on July 19, 2017
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School on wheels of Massachusetts is looking for an office intern to assist with the development of projects that will directly service youth impacted by homelessness in southeastern Massachusetts. This is an unpaid internship but hours are determined by the intern, at no less than two per week. This Internship opportunity is an incredible resume builder; our program is in a sector of the education industry that manages educational supports for our most volunterable school aged children. Any social justice, social equality, criminal justice or future educators and educational leaders will benefit from this role. Primary duties include: Testing technology Configuring technology Arranging and organizing educational games and resources Coding books and developing K-8 reading libraries As well as other tasks as assigned... Office interns may also have the privileged experience of transporting projects to shelters and engaging with shelter management and families.

Job Type

  • Internships
  • Volunteering


from July 31, 2017 until August 31, 2017

Schedule determined by intern. No less than 2 hours per week. Intern duration is to be determined by intern and supervisor.


  • This job is unpaid.
  • This job offers community service hours.
    Remember to check that this job is approved by YOUR school's community service program before you commit!


Kristin C.
Located in   East Bridgewater MA


You must be 15 to do this job.