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Replace A Basement Door And Its Frame

Posted on June 11, 2018
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Our basement door, which leads outside, and its frame need to be replaced. I'd like to try to salvage the peephole from the old door if possible and put it, along with a deadbolt, back on the new one. The door is about 60"h x 30"w.

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from June 11, 2018 until July 11, 2018

Any schedule is OK so long as my husband and/or I are here (which is most of the time -- we both work at home). We would like an estimate for the job -- not hourly, but adjustable for unforeseen circumstances. If you supply the door and frame, that needs to be added to the compensation, obviously.


  • Between $ 100.00 and 750.00 per job.
  • Compensation for this job depends on experience.


Pamela L.
Located in   Belmont MA


You can be of any age to do this job.