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Hire Bri Landscaping, Handyman & Tech Support


Is your yard in need of a Spring Cleaning? Do you really not want to do it? Look no further! HireBri is back again this summer and currently up for hire! My name is Brian Holowitz and HireBri is my personal Handyman business that I started last year. I have experience with all sort of tasks but I primarily deal in Landscaping, various forms of Physical Labor and Tech support! In an effort to keep this post brief, I will let my website do the talking. I highly encourage you check it out. It has a bit about me, what services I provide and how to contact me! There is also a post regarding how I will be working and certain precautions I will be taking during the CoVid-19 Pandemic in order to keep both parties safe. Thank you so very much for reading this and I hope to hear from you guys soon! Sincerely, Brian Holowitz Contact information: (617)-816-8465 (Note: The “Hire Me” form is currently not working. Please reach out over Facebook, Phone or Email.)


Arlington, MA


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Brian H.


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