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The Holidays are here!!

The Holidays are here!!

Yes, you can get help from a Professional Organizer during a Pandemic! During the Holidays, I can help make your life a bit easier.  
These are the kinds of projects I have been helping with:  
1.Downsizing and getting houses ready for market. Then help packing and lots of unpacking.  
2. I have sorted tons of paper for a client who was not comfortable with me in his home; I worked at my house. We discussed over the phone what he needed to keep and what he could eliminate. Then I brought back to him the slimmed down and organized files.  
3. I have been working in several basements and garages along with the homeowner (but at a distance.) Sorting bins, mystery bags, and boxes. We put like items together and refilled the containers, so now camping equipment is all together, surfing/wet suits are together, tools and garden items are together. No more chaos; things are easy to find. We completed this basement job in 4 hours, plus the homeowner can now pull his car into the garage.  
4. I have been wrapping Christmas gifts and attaching gift tags, ribbons and bows. Again this job was done in a separate room away from the client, keeping everyone safe. I wore gloves.  
5. I have taken numerous trips to various charities/humane societies, dropping off items to donate items such as clothing, towels and blankets, and housewares. Things you do not want anymore, but someone could use. These items must be clean/scent-free, gently used-from a Covid19 free house.  
6. I can help you address Christmas cards, getting the stamps, and return address labels on as well. Now my client can sign her cards, add a note or gift card, seal the envelope. And voila, the project is complete.  
I can give you references if you would like to talk with my customers and how comfortable they were to have me in their homes.  
Please see my profile for the precautions I take as the Pandemic continues.  
I wish you peace and blessing this strange holiday season.  
Karen L. Kenney  
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