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MA Wills & Trusts in Plain English: a Free Estate Planning Seminar

MA Wills & Trusts in Plain English: a Free Estate Planning Seminar

You're invited to a free estate planning seminar on  
Sunday April 8, 2018  
2 PM - 3:30 PM  
Lexington Historical Depot  
13 Depot Square  
Lexington, MA  
Refreshments; Free Parking  
To reserve seats,  
Call 781-863-8606 (24/7)  
Explained in plain English, you will learn:  
• The differences between a will and a trust  
• How to determine which one is right for you  
• When you might need to change your documents due to:  
•• Taxes and asset protection  
•• Planning for and protecting your children  
• How a Living Trust works and why so popular  
• What Probate is and why you should care  
• How to 'fund' a living trust and why it matters  
Plain English, not "legalese"  
It's hard to understand wills and trusts when attorneys use "legalese" to explain them.  
You deserve to understand your estate planning without having to wonder what your attorney is actually saying.  
I use "plain English" as much as possible, because words that are unnecessary, duplicative, outdated, verbose, and antiquated are infuriating to clients. See what I mean? Who needs to wade through all that? PLAIN ENGLISH, please!  
My correspondence is written in the same comprehensible way, so that your estate planning is straightforward and easy to understand.  
Please join us at this seminar. If you cannot attend but have estate planning needs, learn more at:  
About Joel Bernstein  
-Based in Lexington, Joel is an estate attorney who has earned several law degrees, including the prestigious Masters in Tax Law from Boston University.  
He has been a technology columnist for the American Bar Association's Probate and Property Journal, has authored journal articles on the economics of law practice, and is noted for his contributions to the 119-year-old classic treatise, Loring and Rounds: A Trustee's Handbook.  
Joel has studied with leading law practitioners in California and has addressed audiences, both public and professional, in all the New England states and across the U.S. on all facets of estate planning and income taxation of trusts and estates.  
Since 1992, he's created more than 2500 wills and trusts, all the while using "plain English," to his clients' delight.  
Joel can be found reading the law or a good book at 6 am on most days, with a strong cup of black coffee in his hand and a smile on his face. He is dedicated to mastering the art of communicating about Wills and Trusts in "plain English" and maintains consistent study in this field.  
His speaking style is direct, honest, knowledgeable and humorous, which is why his seminars have earned him admiration and large audiences.  
MA Wills and Trusts: The Only Law We Practice  
-Law Office of Joel Bernstein  
33 Bedford Street, Suite 13,  
Lexington, MA 02420  
Phone: 781-863-8606

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