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Do you want bus service between Harvard Square and Lexington, MA?

Do you want bus service between Harvard Square and Lexington, MA?

The town just distributed an email soliciting feedback to accompany its proposal to the MBTA to extend the #77 Bus line (from Harvard square) to Lexington Center/Worthen/Stop&Shop, at least during the day, and later at night, around (but not during) rush hour.  
Here's why you may be interested in providing supportive feedback, and what feedback you might want to give:  
1. Even if you don't take the bus now, you, or your children or parents or grandchildren may someday need this service; and if you bike commute to Boston or Cambridge, this an important way to get your bike home after dark (i.e. at night) without cycling up the hill :). And this enables the MBTA bus from Harvard fully to meet the Lexpress lines -- other than merely the one which goes to Arlington Heights - thereby minimizing transfers within the Lexpress system.  
2. The #77 bus line (unlike the 62/76) comes from **Harvard Square**, not from Alewife, though it currently ends at Arlington Heights. There is currently no bus which runs between Alewife and Harvard Square. So this would, for the first time, provide public transport from Harvard Square directly to Lexington.  
3. The #77 bus line (which is the one which goes all the way on Mass. Ave from Harvard Square to Arlington Heights) is currently severely overburdened. It delays at high-traffic times (more than most others), because it must make very frequent stops. So, in adding service to Lexington, the MBTA should consider 1) providing an express to destinations further from Harvard Square and/or 2) increase its frequency (even though it is already supposed to be a high-frequency route).  
4. It seems to me that outside-rush-hour service to Lexington might become the precursor to rush-hour service to Lexington, thereby further restricting unnecessary traffic/pollution  
Here is the town's email solicitation, followed by the email address for submission of feedback:  
MBTA Bus Service Proposal  
We need to hear from you! The Town will be submitting a proposal to have the #77 bus extended into Lexington, as we have heard from people and businesses who would like later night and weekend transportation options. Please send us an email by November 12th and let us know whether you would ride the #77 if it extended to Lexington! Towns need to show community support for their proposals.  
If the MBTA’s bus #77 were to extend to Lexington Center or up to Worthen & Mass Ave (near Stop & Shop), would you use it? This bus currently terminates at Arlington Heights busway and travels between there to Harvard Station, and includes a stop at Porter Square Station. It travels via Mass Ave through Arlington Heights, Arlington Center, and Cambridge. At Porter Square and Harvard you can make connections to the Red Line, and at Porter riders can also connect to the Fitchburg Commuter Rail line. The #77 currently operates between about 5AM-1AM Monday-Saturday, and from about 6AM-1AM on Sundays. If the MBTA would consider testing out an extension to Lexington, they would not be able to do so at peak, rush hour times, so we are looking at hours/days outside of weekday rush hour. You can view the current #77 schedule/map here:  

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