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Business Magic: Pulling back the curtain -- be a wizard in your own business.

Business Magic: Pulling back the curtain -- be a wizard in your own business.

UMass Lowell Innovation Hub  
110 Canal Street, Lowell  
Date: Wednesday, January 17th  
Time: 12:00 noon – 1:30pm  
As you get started with your business it seems like a magic trick you have to figure out, and you are not a magician. There's so much information swirling around you, from the “experts” along with family and friends. This Lunch & Learn workshop will help you determine what it is you really want to do and who you want to do it for. You'll be able to have a clear vision of the steps to get to that next level.  
Official Small Business Coach for the City of Boston and innerOvation engineer Brenda Loan Baker will reveal tried and true methods—adapted from Silicon Valley—for building your portfolio and profits as quickly and easily as possible. Walk away with a clear idea of which of 5 strategic areas that you should focus on most for success. Leave with a clear plan and next steps.  
The world needs what you have to offer! We’ll make it easy for you to deliver!  
(1) Walk away with a comprehensive business plan for your business  
(2) Gain clarity on the fundamentals of building a thriving business  
(3) Discover which of five primary business areas matters most for your business’ growth  
(4) Develop deeper insight into specifics in the area of greatest potential for moving your business up to the next level  
(5) Establish clear next steps for scaling your business  
Metered-street parking is available. The Edward Early Jr. Parking Garage is available at 135 Middlesex Street, Lowell, next to Garcia Brogans and RMV.  
Space is limited. Reserved your seat today!  
Registration with a $10 fee is required. Register on Eventbrite,  

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