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Medford Eyeglass Shop

Medford Eyeglass Shop

I’m Riccardo Buzzanga (The Eyeglass Guy), a fourth generation optician with over 200 years of family heritage in the eyeglass business. My great, great grandfather sold glasses from a horse-drawn cart complete with an assistant to crank the grinding wheel (by hand) as he ground and fit the lenses into the frames.  
Since then, technology has changed our business quite a bit. Despite these changes, however, the dedication to quality eyewear that was a part of my great, great grandfather lives on in me today. With over twenty opticians operating in three different countries, my family’s network is vast and efficient. Our relationship with suppliers and history with vendors ensures us the best prices available. I pride myself in providing one on one service and delivering quality eyewear at a great price. I will never try to sell you more than what you need like the chain stores do.  
Your prescription takes form at my state-of-the-art lab, where—with all the high tech gizmos you imagine—I will craft your glasses with a precision and attention to detail that has been around for over two centuries. Even better, these high quality glasses are available to you at a price that is much more affordable than the chain optical stores or the the stores located in your eye doctors office.  
In the end, I am The Eyeglass Guy—just like my father, my father’s father, and my father’s, father’s father was before me.  
Buy your glasses from me, and you will be pleased. Buy two pairs, and you will be pleased twice as much.  
Medford Eyeglass Shop  
427 Salem Street  
Medford, MA 02155  

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