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Barrier Beautification for Lexington An ArtWalk Project 2020

Barrier Beautification for Lexington An ArtWalk Project 2020

The ArtWalk committee is working with several town entities, students and art groups to enhance the appearance of the barriers in the center. These barriers are part of a state grant, and have been placed to provide additional outdoor seating options for dining, attracting customers and others walking around.  
Artists are invited to submit work asap. Artists create artwork on special 18 x 24” blank lawn-signs, selected for their cost effectiveness and durability in the outdoors, which the Artwalk committee members fixed to the barriers. Artists are welcome to "adopt a barrier" and submit up to 4 art panels (live area of 72”x24”). Artwork will be placed over the orange barriers only. Artists could design as one full piece of artwork or break it up in 4 different pieces. The committee requests that the artists use bold and strong designs so there is more visibility from afar, and encouraged artists to incorporate the color orange to be more cohesive with the orange color of the barriers that will be visible above and below the panels.  
Art panels were curated by the Artwalk Committee and placed on display starting September 12 and will last while the weather permits. The only restrictions are that no political or religious thoughts are expressed, and the artwork and images are family friendly.  
Photos provided illustrate how local artists and Lexington students are working together to enhance the look of barriers situated in Lexington Center. These barriers were provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, arrived a few weeks ago, and are situated to provide outdoor seating for residents visiting retailers.  
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