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Winter Doggy Play Groups and Overnights

Winter Doggy Play Groups and Overnights

Have you been cutting your walks short with this frigid weather? Give your furry friend a Christmas present and some extra time in the fresh air for this next month and sign them up for Doggy play time.  
$40 for 2 hours (time of day can be worked out upon scheduling but most likely somewhere between 10am-1pm) Monday to Friday  
If it’s below freezing I offer $20 for 1hour, on rainy days I will take them to a covered dog park in east boston.  
Pick up and drop off included.  
What is Playgroup?  
I take this adorable beings out to a dog park where they can play off leash with other dogs and with some fun toys depending on their interest and/or bring them on a nice walk or run around the conservation lands.  
Depending on your preference I will text you when I have picked up and dropped of your dog and will send pictures of your furry child being adorable, and will have a poop alert. Believe me after two hours of play you will have a calm cuddley, most likely sleeping pup to chill with (see picture attached).  
And if your planning a trip to a warm place in December. I can also do OVERNIGHTS for dogs and cats at $65 per day  
-For puppies under a year old $75  
You can call 617-797-6238 or email me at to get your dog signed up!

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