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Garden and Landscape Design Services (Consultation, Design and Plantings)

Garden and Landscape Design Services (Consultation, Design and Plantings)

We have decades of gardening experience in the Boston climate and provide reliable, creative and delightful plantings for both indoor and outdoor settings. If you prefer to DIY, but don't know what plants to get or where to put them, we also offer gardening advice and design.  
Our projects range in size from large patio planters to side-yard makeovers to new construction start-from-scratch garden installations. We specialize in creating beautiful and low-maintenance plantings with all-season interest. We work with you to incorporate your style and preferences to:  
- Increase the curb appeal of your home (and property value)  
- Create fantastic seasonal displays  
- Re-imagine an existing space for multi-functional use and better traffic flow  
- Address eye sores such as septic tank covers, A/C units, lamp posts, etc.  
- Add screening and privacy  
Take a look at our website ( for more details. We are still taking clients this season and look forward to hearing from you!

Garden / Plants / Yardwork