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Cary Library needs your help to buy Robot kits

Cary Library needs your help to buy Robot kits

Cary Library Foundations' Crowfunding Campaign for Lego Robots needs only $435 to reach its $5,000 goal by June 30th!  
Many families cannot afford to purchase robot-building and coding kits for home use, or to pay for robotics classes that are offered commercially.  
With only one LEGO® We-Do robot kit and one LEGO® Mindstorm robot kit, kids and teens in Cary Library’s classes don’t have enough hands-on time to make the most out of the experiences. If you’ll help us raise $435, a matching gift of $500 will get us to our $5,000 goal  
Your donations bring us closer to the goal of leveling the playing field by making the lessons of tech literacy—team-work, problem-solving, communication, planning, and acquisition of STEM skills—accessible to all children and teens.  
Please give now at  
The campaign ends June 30th!  
Please join so many of your Lexington neighbors in making a tax-deductible donation at .  
Thank you for supporting tech literacy for all at Cary Library!  
Reem Yared, Crowdfunding Chair  
Cary Memorial Library Foundation  

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