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Free Delivery to Select Suburbs

Free Delivery to Select Suburbs

How would you like scratch-made Mediterranean dinners like Shawarma (beef & lamb, or chicken), Kabob, Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Fattoush, Greek Salad,Tabbouleh, Moussaka, French Fries, Tzatziki delivered to your door?  
Plenty of healthy, delicious Vegetarian and Vegan options, too!  
Aceituna Grill is offering free delivery 5-7PM to the following suburbs:  
Tuesday 5/26 Arlington  
Wednesday 5/27 Melrose  
Thursday 5/28Lexington  
Friday 5/29 Winchester  
Saturday 5/30 Canton  
email for Special Online Ordering Instructions (to bypass the delivery radius)  
FOR Free Delivery in Cambridge and Boston, Go to and select Order Online  
For suburban delivery email for Special Ordering Instructions  

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