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Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success

Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success

Wednesday, September 27th at 6:00pm  
UML Innovation Hub  
110 Canal Street, Lowell, MA  
Virginia Crocker Timmins, President of Soundboard Advisors LLC will conduct a workshop on Goal Setting for Personal and Professional Success.  
Where do you want to go, and how are you going to get there? Would you find comfort in knowing that you had a plan of action to reach your destination? The purpose of this workshop is to allow individuals to spend some time learning about the importance of setting goals so they can create the future they have always wanted. Workshop topics include types of goals, criteria for setting goals, and tools to help you set and attain your goals. This workshop is applicable for anyone seeking clarity in personal goals, business goals, or both. Successful people determine where they are going and develop specific plans to get there. Because they are well prepared, they travel their life journey with vitality and confidence. How can you improve your life journey?  
Focus topics in this workshop include:  
• Why set goals?  
• Types of goals  
• Criteria for setting goals  
• Overcoming obstacles  
• Proven goal setting tools  
• Formula for Success  
Here’s what participants have said about past workshops:  
“Very helpful in getting me to focus on immediate strategies for future success.”  
“I think it was fabulously insightful.”  
“Virginia is engaging and able to move people through separate processes together.”  
“I feel energized…made it more real (and doable).”  
“A really well organized presentation that really walked through all steps and explained it well!”  
“A chance to ‘dig deep’ and really reflect on goals.”  
“It was very helpful and educational. I will definitely be applying what I learned to my life.”  
“Today was informative and gave me a positive perspective in goal setting and achieving.”  
“It’s time to start making my goals and dreams a reality, and this was the 1st step.”  
“This training was eye opening and humbling.”  
“Very insightful. It helped me put a grasp on what needs to be done in order to move forward.”  
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