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An ice skating rink in Lexington Center!

An ice skating rink in Lexington Center!

Lexington Center's Open air ice skating rink is open for the season!  
Please check the website for latest updates on conditions on daily conditions  
The Fletcher Park ice rink is a family friendly outdoor skating rink.  
Fletcher Park: the corner of Fletcher, Woburn & Mass. Ave. = the Farmers' Market grounds.  
The rink is a joint effort of Lexington volunteers, The Lion's Club and DPW.  
* Skate at own risk  
* Open from dawn to dusk, as conditions allow  
* Be safe, please wear a helmet  
* No hockey sticks or pucks  
* Please keep the rink and surrounding area tidy  
* Please follow the parking rules  
* The rink is for all to enjoy, please respect fellow skaters  
* If the signs indicate the rink is closed, please don’t go on the ice. Walking or skating on slushy or soft ice can damage the ice surface and liner permanently.  
Have fun!  
Three requests as you head to the rink:  
1. Please watch where you’re skating!  
This is outdoor ice and there are rough patches here and there. Keep your eyes on the ice and be prepared. We’ve worked hard to make a great ice surface this year, but as always heads up and be careful out there!  
2. Please grab a shovel and pitch in!  
There is still snow on the surface in spots, and caked on in a few spots. The Fletcher Rink is a volunteer run rink, we rely on community support to keep the rink going every year. If you love the rink, grab a shovel and spend just five to ten minutes shoveling a small area. If everyone who skates would spend those ten minutes, the ice surface would be pristine the next morning!  
3. Make a donation. The Lions Club is collecting donations to help fund the rink's boards and liners. We are aiming to raise $10,000 in funds for the rink system which will be donated to the Town of Lexington.  
Donate online  
or please send a check to:  
Lexington Lions Club  
PO Box 71  
Lexington, MA 02421  
Enjoy the rink! Our hope is that the Fletcher rink gets lots of use during the long winter months. The rink is conveniently located within walking distance to your favorite hot chocolate spots and other businesses.  
To learn more, please visit the Fletcher Rink website at

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