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Coach: Tapping Into Wealth/Transformational

Coach: Tapping Into Wealth/Transformational

ARE YOU FEELING HELPLESS AND STUCK in your money and /or in other parts of your life?  
Are you a heart-centered professional or aspiring entrepreneur who feels "stuck" or trapped in your current money situation, which seems to be playing havoc with every other part of your life? Or are you unhappy with your current life circumstances that seem out of your control?  
Are you exhausted emotionally fighting "the battle" to get ahead ---feeling you're on a treadmill going nowhere? Does your gut tell you that you were meant for greater things? Do you feel cheated with the hand you repeatedly get dealt in life when everyone around you prospers? Do you hunger for excitement, inspiration and time for fun?  
Hi, my name is Delle Labbé. I'm a certified Tapping Into Wealth Coach and transformational coach. I can help you find the "hidden" source of your money struggles and/or other life problems which stem from programmed negative emotions locked in your nervous system. Once discovered, I'll show you how to release them using an amazing mind-body-money tool called "Tapping"( also known as EFT-- The Emotional Freedom Technique) which clears your path not only towards wealth in dollars and cents, but wealth in all areas of your life--- including relationships, vocation, time management, physical/emotional/and spiritual health and wellness.  
I'd like to invite you to join me in a free 60 min phone CSA ( Clarity-Strategy-Action) session. We'll get clear on your short and long term goals. I'll diagnose the biggest obstacles stopping you right now...I'll tell you exactly what to focus on, and give you my best recommendation for next steps. Maybe..we can even make plans to embark on a journey together! As my gift, I'll send you the recording of our session you can revisit whenever you desire.  
Please email me if interested. I applaud you in advance for mustering the courage to take action and stop the "no-win" scenario.  

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