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Earn $1,000 Bonus driving for Zemcar

Earn $1,000 Bonus driving for Zemcar

Earn $1,000.00 Bonus after 200 rides while getting paid $20/hour to drive  
Zemcar matches drivers with local families who need help managing rides in their busy household.  
Our new rideshare app makes it safer for families with children 8-18, older adults, or anyone in the family to get a ride.  
Families choose from carefully screened, trusted drivers and request them on a repeat basis.  
Zemcar insures you, your car and your riders.  
We are the only rideshare in MA insured for kids 8-18.  
- Drivers are consultants, paid $ 20.00 per hour.  
- Drive on your time, for people you actually like!  
- Drive full-time, or just when you're available  
- Build a steady, reliable, recurring business for yourself  
- Be a valued part of a great community  
Sign up to drive with the HELPAROUNDTOWN code and get a $1,000 bonus after completing 200 rides

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