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I am looking for jobs within miles, ordered by
only jobs that offer community service hours
July 28, 2014
B S (under 1 mile away) 2 applicants
  • Yardwork (Exterior)
Need help with pulling weeds, removing brush, mowing parts of the lawn, and transplanting hostas (digging a new bed for them about 25 ft long and moving hostas to new bed). Estimated time around 4-5 hours. If work is added/goes over 5 hours will compensate hourly. $60 per job.
July 27, 2014
Stephanie W (within 5 miles) No applicants.
  • Care
I'm looking for someone with a car and an excellent driving record to pick up 2 first graders from Harrington at noon and hang out with them Thursday afternoons until about 4 or 5. Hours on Monday and Friday are possible as well. These 2 boys are really well behaved and will play with each other for the duration of the afternoon. Between $15 and $20 per job. Compensation for this job depends on experience.
July 27, 2014
Marie D (within 5 miles) 8 applicants
  • Care
Need someone to check on and feed cat eight times (every other day) starting end of this coming week (Aug 1 to 15th). Simple: just feed 1/2 can cat food, top off dry food, make sure cat is okay and house is still standing; check on and water 4 houseplants as needed (probably every second or third visit) Prefer Lex high school student or local college student. Cat is sweet and friendly, declawed, indoor only. Should take about 10 minutes per visit. $80 per job.
July 24, 2014
Amy W (within 5 miles) 1 applicant
  • Yardwork (Exterior)
We are looking for someone with a rototiller to come and turn over a bed in our yard, approximately 6' wide by 100' long. Compensation for this job depends on experience.
July 23, 2014
Kevin G (under 1 mile away) 3 applicants
  • Yardwork (Exterior)
General yard and garage clean up and painting. $11 per hour.
July 22, 2014
Becky s (within 5 miles) 1 applicant
  • Internships
  • Tech Help
  • Part Time Jobs
Scope of work: a few hours a week online creating blog posts, instagram etc. for a professional Required references or demonstration of online promotion Compensation for this job depends on experience.
July 21, 2014
Nava N (within 10 miles) 3 applicants
  • Yardwork (Exterior)
A senior who is in hospital needs lawn mowed. Grass is very tall. Compensation for this job depends on experience.
July 21, 2014
Susan C (under 1 mile away) 2 applicants
I have a very sweet 23 pound labradoodle. She does not shed and loves people. I am going on vacation and am looking for someone who would like to take care of her in their home. She is very snuggly and prefers to be able to sleep on the bed. She is fine to be left at home alone for 4-5 hours and does not chew on things. She loves to come along to be with people. She is a little wary of other dogs (especially big dogs).
July 20, 2014
Catherine H (within 5 miles) 3 applicants
I have a small pile of branches, as well as a vanity and sink that is broken up into pieces that I need removed by Tuesday evening. $30 or best offer. $35 per job.
July 16, 2014
Peter S (within 5 miles) 6 applicants
  • Part Time Jobs
Need to move (with wheelbarrow(s) hand trucks and dollies) stuff from basement to other parts of house and property. Stuff includes shelves and their contents, and other stuff like lumber, bricks). Other items (workbench, file cabinets, other building materials) may require both of us. Strength and stamina are important attributes. Between $15 and $20 per hour. Compensation for this job depends on experience.